Jed Lehmann, product designer

User-centric design

I love it when products work well, and hate it when they don't. That's why I became a designer.

Useful apps and sites are intuitive, memorable, and provide a service that real people need. Serving the needs of your users is always the most critical benchmark for success.

I make marketing and business tools that aim to increase sales, brand engagement and management of your business. I am only involved in projects where I can add value, and I do this through understanding the businesses I work with.

From my home office in Adelaide, South Australia, I work with existing companies, startups, individuals and development agencies.

I can help you with...

Digital strategy

Define the goals of your digital marketing and software within the overall strategy of your business.

Information architecture

Structure your content so it's easy to understand, makes sense to navigate and rewards ongoing use.

User interface design

Functional, engaging and on-brand interfaces that put the needs of the users above all else.

Usability testing

Test your product with real people. Usability testing helps us find issues so we know what steps to take next.

Rapid prototyping

Prototypes save time and money by getting valuable feedback on features, workflows and interfaces, and quickly responding to that feedback.

Front-end implementation

I build interfaces as responsive, fast and maintainable HTML, CSS and Javascript. CSS is hand-crafted using SCSS in the BEM style.


Micro-copy which guides users through their tasks with confidence, clarity and assurance.

WordPress sites

Maintain your website using WordPress for content management. Totally custom, built exactly for your company's needs.


  1. Details

    Every project needs hundreds of thoughtful decisions to result in a cohesive whole. I put a focus on great user experience and getting the fine details in the interfaces right.

  2. Partnering

    I take a consultative approach, and value good communication. I partner with people for the long term, and won't disappear after your project has been completed.

  3. Clarity

    I work with my clients to clearly define and estimate new projects before any work is done. Keeping us all on the same page is vital to projects running smoothly and getting a great result.

  4. Growth

    I take the time to learn your business so I can create you a relevant and compelling website or app which will get you more business.

  5. Mutual benefit

    I enjoy my work, and try to make the process rewarding and valuable for the people I work with.